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The school explored three back-to-school models: a full return, a hybrid return (partial in school, partial out of school), and a fully remote return.

The district made the decision to move forward with the hybrid plan because they think that it's important for students to see each other & their teachers in-person. They acknowledge that it's possible transmission rates will increase & they will have to return to a fully-remote model.

The hybrid model makes use of two groups of students: Cardinal & Navy. Cardinal will attend school on Monday & Wednesday, while Navy will attend on Tuesday & Thursday. Siblings will be placed in the same cohort so that transportation is easier. Fridays will likely be a half-day, alternating between Cardinal & Navy each week.

They opted for students coming two to three times a week vs. one week of school on/one off because the district thinks that it's more difficult to keep students engaged and connected to their learning + teachers with more time between classes. They acknowledge that the COVID-19 transmission rate could potentially be lower with the one-week on, one-week off plan.

When a student isn't in school during the week, they'll be participating in an "at-home" day. During an "at-home" day, students will continue to work on what they were taught during in-class days. No new material will be taught. Middle school students will be given up to 5 hours of work & high school students up to 7 hours of work.

Students who cannot come into school will have the option to take part in the Westborough Stand-Alone Remote Learning Program. The WSRLP is still under development, but the district envisions an online learning program run by teachers from Westborough & neighboring towns who can't teach in-person due to medical reasons.

They are still developing safety plans, and have written up a tentative report here.

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