We, the students, need to speak up.

Westborough Public Schools is making a decision that will affect our day-to-day lives—let's make sure they hear what we have to say.

We did it! 🎉

143 of us spoke up & responded to the survey. Last night, we compiled all of these results + the written responses that some of you submitted into a letter & sent it off to Kristen Vincent, the Chair of the School Committee. She responded today and told us that she'll be taking our input into account & that she forwarded it to the Superintendent & Assistant Superintendent.

Read the letter

But, there's still more to do:

Our superintendent (Mrs. Bock) is holding a Q&A session on August 3rd (tomorrow!) from 6 to 8pm on Westborough TV using questions that people submit online. This form was only sent out to parents, but there is nothing prohibiting students from asking questions. We've linked the form below, so if you have a question for her/the district, ask it there!

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